I have no doubt they will be looking at the Architect’s drawings of the soon to be constructed Multi-purpose Hall with some degree of longing, but perhaps there are younger siblings who will benefit from its facilities; or in years ahead, their own children? One of our parents in Pelican’s Nest is a former student of CCPS, from our eleven year history. Year 12 2015 has been a remarkably calm and coherent group and their passage through the stresses of Year 12 academic work and social interactions has been very smooth. This is a credit to their resilience, abilities to work co-operatively, and their positivism. I think that they live in such a beautiful, serene environment on The Coast, also contributes to their calmness. Such is the pleasure of being a Principal of a school when you can know so well the graduating Year 12 students and reflect on their wonderful qualities and the outstanding young people our parents, Teachers and students have helped mould. Each Year 12 group is unique, as every student has developed their individual character traits and personalities. They are fine young people, and I am very proud to have worked closely with them at CCPS. In 2014 we had an outstandingly successful academic Year 12 class: in 2015, the lofty highs of the Australian Student Prize may not be achieved, but we have six students who have completed Diplomas of Business; and two who have already been accepted into their chosen courses at University of the Sunshine Coast, our ‘Local University’. Furthermore, Lachie Kenny has been accepted into the highly prestigious Southern Golf Club in Melbourne for his PGA professional traineeship. Our sophisticated young people are already on their way into their fields of tertiary study and career successes. Their social awareness and abilities to communicate effectively, their positivity, and their attractive grace and ethics, are part of the guidance that is Caloundra City Private School where every student matters, and we are very proud of them. I wish all our families a very happy long break over Christmas, and we look forward very much to seeing you again in 2016 as we commence our Multipurpose Hall.

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