Many moons ago when I was at school, the local band ‘Skyhooks’ was big news, and ‘Ego is Not a Dirty Word’ was one of their anthems. Recently there has certainly been plenty written about ‘The Me Generation’ in the media, and one of the effects of this emergent culture is how important the ego of an individual is. Social media financials are all about the promotion of self image, and presenting and gaining ‘Likes’ to possibly turn this into dollars, for an individual and for the social media companies. It is the politics of big business to make money from individuals who self-promote, and encouraging people to present their own developed representation of themselves has huge amounts of money invested and created by this activity. It is a very powerful social force for young people to withstand and which requires skilful adjustment. Schools like ours can assist and advise our children on such matters, indeed, the School Chaplain, Mr Maguire and I spoke directly at whole School assembly about social media via Smartphones. However, this is an issue of international youth culture relevance, and it seems to me to be about money, and youth may be an easy prey for big business. A Smartphone is a communications tool, just as television was for my generation, manual typewriters, dial up telephones, and the beginnings of email.

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