I am delighted to report that CCPS Japanese students under the guidance of Miss Matsumoto in Senior School, have starred in the Modern Language Teachers Association of Queensland (MLTAQ) Speaking and Writing Competitions at The Sunshine Coast. School Captain, Brad Graver, was awarded the Medal for the Best Japanese Speaker on The Sunshine Coast. Year 10 students Jaida Wood and Chelsea de Almeida achieved first and second place respectively in the MLTAQ Writing Competition. Brad has visited Japan with our school group and Miss Matsumoto, and a combination of his detailed enthusiasm for this learning And culture, with Miss Matsumoto’s careful nurturing, and the brilliant experiences in Japan have contributed to Brad shining in speaking Japanese. We congratulate our Japanese students and our Teachers Miss Matsumoto, and Mrs Huxley in Junior School, for these outcomes. As we announced these awards at School Assembly this week, we were also able to warmly welcome our great young friends from Seikei Elementary School in Tokyo. It is the school’s second visit with students for the year and continues our very valuable annual engagements with this fine school and its wonderful people.

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