Tuesday’s Leadership Assembly was a celebration of our school’s growth and our students’ desire to serve our community. The Leadership Oath was recited and leadership position badges presented to Junior School Captains, Gabriella Henzell and Charlie Whiting; Student Representative Council President Madeline Berglas, Secretary Olivia Ledwidge, Treasurer Sienna Mulholland, and Members Ryan Brodie, Anna Lewis, Reuben Myer, Adam Smara, and Tahlia Stevens; and Junior School House Captains for Henzell Jenna Bright and Tyler Johnson, for McLean Sophie Bradford and Lachlan Noyes, for Ford Chelsea Frisby and Nathan Moore and for Munns Ruby Stephenson and Charlie Trimacchi. Senior House Captains presented were Alexandra Stewart and Riley Mullins (Henzell), Caitlin Paxevanos and Tyra Stowers (McLean), Luke Frisby and Jessica Dreyer (Ford), and Mikayla Coleman and Jack Williams (Munns). Indicating the maturing of the School, new Activity Captains’ positions have been announced: Academic Jessica Dreyer, Co-curricular Shaun Capps, Arts Tim Aitken, and Service Alexandra Stewart. School Vice-Captains Natasha Irvine and Louis Conway and School Captains Sophie de Fries, and Alex Innes. There were many parents attending and a happy social occasion morning tea followed.

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