Dr Judith Smeed from Queensland University of Technology’s Education Faculty, earlier this year was named as one of ‘Qld’s Top 50 Thinkers’, at least partly for her work in analysing school performance data. Dr Smeed assists schools with improving their programs and student performance results. She ranked CCPS Year 12 2014 results as first in the state, from all Qld schools, with seven other schools’ Year 12 academic performance data in equal top rank with CCPS. We say that ‘Every student matters’. It is gratifying when every one of our Year 12 students from 2014 completed an OP course which is intended for university preparation and entrance, and is significantly academically challenging. And they all achieved an OP of between 1 to 14. 100% of CCPS students (and all of whom were OP eligible) performed in the OP 1 to 15 category. Our Year 12 students performed so well, that Dr Smeed, rated CCPS Year 12 students’ 2014 performance in the number one ranking for all Queensland schools, based on each achieving a Qld Certificate of Education; an OP between1 to 15; a QTAC tertiary entrance place; and also a tertiary education qualification.

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