It’s almost summer, and the livin’ is easy, to borrow a few choice musical lines. Music comes easily to mind at this time of year, and Mr Cusick has composed an article on ‘The Benefits of Music’. In his inimitable style, his article is bright, breezy, and tinged with profundity and wit, but you have to look closely to look to find that. He wrote, “Music is much more than learning scales and a couple of songs a year to play in an exam. It is much more than playing two songs a year in a school concert band or wind ensemble. It’s part of your everyday life, perhaps more than you may notice. From movies, to advertising, TV, radio, relaxation, motivation, the gym, the shops, it’s everywhere, all the time. In my role as a Music Educator I encourage everyone I come in contact with to consciously use music to help and enrich their daily lives. Dave Grohl (drummer for Nirvana and lead singer/guitarist for Foo Fighters) said it best: “That’s one of the greatest things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 and they will sing back for 85,000 different reasons.” There are significant ideas, understatement, passion, and joy in Mr Cusick’s obervations about music. You can read his full article in our BLOG space on the School Website at:

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