From my experience of the most able students, to a large extent they will focus on learning in areas that interest them the most, and this will often be additional to classroom learning of core knowledge. I am a strong advocate of reading, but it is rare that a family will be able to satisfy all the reading requirements of the most inquisitive. For example, access to a good Public Library is a fond memory from my schooldays; and a family that had a good range of literature and encyclopaedia to explore. For the most numerically and scientifically minded, books about great historical investigators and explorations, can be a source of knowledge and inspiration. At the simplest level, a dictionary, or sets of numerical problems can be a comforting source of engagement for the most able. However, the best students are always exploring, and there are endless sources for the information they love to devour, whether that’s in narrative, or factual accounts. The encouragement from parents and a family for a child to read this material will help them feel supported in a positive learning environment. If a child believes reading and learning are good things to do, they will more likely settle down to ‘a good book’, whatever that might be. Giving children access to a wide range of material I think is the key to encouraging their inquisitiveness, and ideally this will be by a child’s choice rather than a parent’s selection. 

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