Teenager Lachlan Smart addressed Senior School as a young man seeking a goal. In June 2016 he will take off to fly solo around the world in a single engined aeroplane. He is supported by a team of eight, and it has been his aim since he turned fifteen to plan, complete the flight and arrange required support to enable him to break world flying records along the way to reaching his goal. His website is at: http://www.wingsaroundtheworld.com.au Lachlan spoke of these principles in his ambitions, including having a major goal in life; working with a team, of eight in this case, to rigorously plan all of the associated activities and necessary safety and logistical complexities of this major event; staying positive and working hard to achieve this fascinating life experience. I doubt that he will be staying grounded once he’s completed his flight. His relevance to our students was obvious as he was aged around their vintage, and he spoke clearly and well, making sense in all that he was aiming to do. Our young people have also been inspired by Ms Stuart to seek out new learning experiences in their ‘Genius Hour’ projects and they have formally applied to her about their fascinating inspirations. I am delighted with these ideas because they encourage our young people to learn in multiple ways, and not just via a rigorous academic program in industrial rows of chairs churning out marks in prescribed subjects. Our students are being challenged to excel in conservative learning pathways, but complemented by innovative, interesting, passions for learning. Who knows where they will be taking off to?

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