On this week’s School Assembly, there were colourful and varied presentations from a range of people, including from Ned Murphy of Antipodeans Abroad. School Chaplain, Mr Maguire, commenced with a powerful theme that you never know all of the talents and skills that an individual has. He showed a brilliant video of a young boy who was being ‘bullied’ at school, but he taught himself to street dance via Hopscotch. Early in the video there is a background shot of a young girl happily playing Hopscotch with her friends. As the boy’s bullying continues such as he opens a note on his desk which says “looser” (Loser), he practises more and more until his skills are unbelievable. The clip concludes with him opening a second and similar looking note that says, “Teach me,” accompanied by a J, a nod that the young Hopscotch girl was very impressed. It was a powerful message from Mr Maguire about the abilities of each of the children, and how these need to be nurtured and respected. 

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