With the Twilight Concert commencing 5.30pm on Thursday in Raelene Boyle Hall, we will all be enthralled by our talented young people. We also had Declan Tanner (Yr 11) performing for us at Wednesday morning’s School Assembly, a rehearsal for him, in the spotlight. It’s great to welcome him back to the stage for his school as he is a skilled player and it’s terrific to have a role model for the students (and the boys) who is prepared to do something different and stand and be counted as an individual, strong character. The Twilight Concert will simply be a pleasure to enjoy, for all who attend, so I hope as many people as possible can come along to be enthralled, and to enjoy the skills of our young friends. It will be a very special occasion in the history of the school. I have really enjoyed seeing our young debaters from Years 6 and 7, Neeko Ellement and Billy Lynch; and the Yr 7s, Louis Whitney, Mikayla Townrow, Logan Marchington, Mary Stewart and Sahara Thornton. Some of these people have joined the brave new world, travelling to foreign school lands to argue their case, in Short Prep debating where the team has their topic with one hour of preparation to organise what their ideas are and how they will structure them in each individual’s presentations. The first round was highly impressive, very well organised and with some high quality speakers. It was great to see these qualities from people so young. I congratulate our debaters for trying this very new experience. It will provide a great learning skill for their futures, and it offers terrific social interaction with other fine young people. The Senior School’s Subject Information Night will be held in Henzell Building on Monday 5 August. A presentation from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) with some overview summation comments, will be followed by individual conversations with our Teacher subject leaders. This is open to all members of the School community, and particularly those who are considering subject choices for 2020, or beyond. I strongly recommend this event as a way to share and learn important information for the children’s course choices, and the School’s ability to find innovative ways to offer career paths for them. I look forward to seeing our good people at these events. Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal Download the newsletter here.

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