Students Shine in Mock Interviews

At CCPS, we believe in providing students with experiences that develop transferable skills, lifelong learning, and readiness for the world of work of the 21st century. Recently, our Year 10-12 students had the opportunity to participate in mock interviews with a variety of external providers. These external providers dedicated their time and expertise by leading our students through the valuable experience of interviewing for a job.  

The students were interviewed for 10-15 minutes. They were asked a variety of questions related to their skills, interests, and passions. This activity provided the students with the opportunity to learn or refine their interview techniques. The interviewers provided feedback which will be used in future lessons to further develop their interviewing skills so that our students can be confident with the process involved.  

We are so proud of the quality of students we have at CCPS. One of the interviewers commented, “He is so confident, interesting, and articulate. He has a firm view of himself and of the world which is so rare in someone so young… he will make a great leader.” 

We would like to say a big thank you to Claire Morris, Cheryl Haines, Helen Warren, Karen Young, Darren Carter, Kristina Stuart, Annick Spiclin, Verena Holmes and David Tanner. It was a pleasure seeing them interact with our students and provide valuable insight.  

Our vision of developing transferable skills continues with Year 10 students who will be engaging in Work Experience from June 14-16. Students will have the chance to go to a place of employment for 3 days, learning what employers look for, and what it is like as an adult in the workplace. At the same time, students will build experience that they will be able to show on their resume and talk about in future job interviews. 

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