Science in Year One

By Mr Sasha Juric

A student-centered teaching method involving a dynamic classroom approach, project-based learning allows students to acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. This approach encourages students to develop critical thinking skills and become more actively engaged in their education. 

With this approach, students have increased control over their learning with teachers serving as coaches and facilitators. Students develop a question and are guided through research under the teacher’s supervision, cultivating independent thinkers and learners. 

In Year One, we have been exploring the concept of forces, with a focus on describing pushes and pulls in terms of their strength and direction and predicting how these forces impact the motion and shape of objects. Students have recognised that applying a force can change an object’s motion. Students engaged in hands-on activities by observing and manipulating everyday objects and identifying the forces responsible for their movement.  

We created and designed a playground using sustainable resources and Lego. The Year One students thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were great critical thinkers and used their problem-solving skills to create amazing playgrounds! Well done!  

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