The two day program offers a choice of topics developed and presented by BRAINways Education. Year 3/4/5GF attended the Architecture: Where Arts Meet Sciences and Mathematics workshop.  The BRAINways Architecture program investigates the practice of Architecture and how it combines the application of art, mathematics and science to design solutions for human problems with the primary goal of improving our quality of life in our built environment.  The program took the students, step by step, through the process and elements of Architecture.  The students were given the opportunity to explore form, function, colour, texture, pattern, movement and climate and how these elements relate to architectural design.  Students were given the freedom to create and solve problems through Architecture.  They investigated various types of Architecture and how it has changed over time, they experimented with architectural sketches and drawings, built a community having to solve various urban design problems along the way, constructed trusses and a 3D model incorporating various architectural elements.  The students had a very rewarding and enjoyable two day experience.

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