Caloundra City Private School is proud to present this comic, modern version of Aladdin. The Kingdom is broke – all they can do is sell rocks and sand! Aladdin’s so-called long lost aunty (the sorceress Abanazar in disguise) appears and tricks him into retrieving a wonderful oil lamp from a magic cave nearby. Meanwhile, the Grand Vizier plans to marry her son Pekoe to the Princess so she can gain power over the Kingdom. The Emperor want to get his Kingdom out of debt and back into surplus! Through a series of twists and turns the characters fight ninja gladiators, travel on magic carpets, sail a ship and fend off a large shark. Will Abanazar defeat Aladdin and the Kingdom? Will Aladdin marry the Princess and become Prince? What will happen to the Genie of the lamp? An entertaining musical featuring the CCPS Rock Band!  A show for the entire family! Tickets available from the Events Centre, Caloundra:

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