Enrol Now for Year 7, 2025: Discover a Future of Excellence 

Join us for Year 7 in 2025 and experience a world-class education at one of the only non-denominational private schools on the Sunshine Coast. 

Innovative Teaching 

Our innovative teaching sets us apart. Our educators are passionate, forward-thinking, creating learning experiences that will equip students with transferable skills for success no matter what career pathway they choose.

We use cutting-edge techniques and collaborative projects to make learning engaging and effective, preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow. 

Flexible & Personalised Learning Experiences 

Our flexible and personalised learning experiences cater to individual strengths and interests.

We harness the power of the best educational software available to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment combining innovative teaching methods with modern digital tools. 

Career Development and Early Engagement in the World of Work  

Throughout their senior school years, students explore their passions and interests, gaining insight into how these shape their future career paths. This journey involves thoughtful subject selection and strategic planning for Years 11 and 12.

Whether students aim for tertiary education, a trade, or entrepreneurial ventures, our career program offers personalised mentoring, volunteer opportunities, hands-on career experiences, internships, and exposure to various industries.

By the time they graduate, our students are well-prepared to take the next step confidently. 

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