Community Welcome Picnic Event

Thank you to all who attended the Welcome Picnic event last week. It was great to see families from our Pelican’s Nest Early Learning Centre through to Year 12, coming together as a whole school community, forming new friendships and connecting with other families across the school.

It was heartwarming to see parents joining in the fun and games with their children. A special round of applause goes to our talented music students, Megan, Joslyn, the School choir and Music teacher Kathryn Spry. Your fantastic performances showcased not only your talent but also your dedication, hard work and passion for music. Also, thank you to our Art teacher Patricia Hatcher for showcasing our talented art students’ amazing work.

Thank you to all for making this event such a memorable one. We look forward to hosting more community events throughout the year as we continue to create meaningful opportunities for connection and celebration.

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