It was wonderful to receive Mr Henzell’s letter last Friday advising the school community that the board could confirm the employment of Mrs. Sherrie Cuthbert as our new Principal.  Mrs. Cuthbert brings with her a wealth of educational and administrative experience.  Her collaboration and work with Mr. Dorrington at St Stephen’s Anglican School makes her an even more powerful and valuable addition to the school.  We look forward to meeting Mrs. Cuthbert and formerly welcome her into our school.  At the same time, we must recognise the enormous role that Dr Dirk Wellham has played in the School’s development for the past seven years.  It has been wonderful working with and for Dr. Wellham.  He always remained a very calm professional in all situations.  He will always be held in very high regard by the Caloundra City Private School community. Halloween Disco A might big thank you to the Parents and Friends Association for the work that they did in organising and holding last Friday’s Halloween Disco.  I was honoured to see some of the behind the scenes planning that took place.  No stone was left unturned to make this one of the social events of the Caloundra City Private School year.  There were too many people involved to thank them by name in this article.  As well, the leadership shown within our student body was highly commended and noticed by many parents.  Thank you to all involved.  The purchase of cold-water bottle re-filling station by the Parents and Friends Association will be a lasting legacy for the student body. Speech Night Attendance A reminder to parents that all Senior School students are expected to attend the 2019 Speech Night.  The Speech Night is the school’s most formal celebration of student achievement for the year.  Parents and students are requested to be seated by 6.55pm for a 7pm commencement.  If for some reason a student is unable to attend, parents are requested to email me a letter explaining the situation for non-attendance.  Letters can be emailed to

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