Thank you to Ms Sneesby and the Year 2 and 5 students for their presentation on Wednesday’s Junior School Assembly and congratulations to all the students who received Merit Certificates for the great work they have been doing in class. The next Junior School Assembly will be held on Wednesday 13th November at 8.30am. This will be our final Junior School assembly for 2019 and the students from Year 1 will be making a presentation. Merit Certificates will also be awarded to selected students from each class. All parents, grandparents and friends are encouraged to join the students from the Junior School at this assembly. City Stars Kindergarten Orientation Morning for our 2020 students On Thursday 7th November from 9am to 10am, we will be holding our 2020 City Stars Kindergarten Orientation Morning at the Kindergarten. At this morning you and your child will meet the 2020 Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Lisa Gravestein. The children will also meet their fellow classmates and be able to have an informal play and hands-on experience of their new Kindergarten. Parents are invited to attend a morning tea in the Library during this time to meet with other. Please RSVP your attendance or non-attendance to or 5437 5800 as important information will be given out on this morning. Prep Orientation Morning for our 2020 student On Friday 8th November from 9am to 10.00am, we will be holding our 2020 Prep Orientation Morning. The morning provides the Prep students with the opportunity to meet their 2020 Prep teacher, Miss Ashleigh Bennett as well as their fellow classmates, while participating in orientation activities within a Prep class. Parents of the Prep students are invited to attend a morning tea in our Library during this time to meet with other Prep parents. Please RSVP your attendance or non-attendance to or 5437 5800 as important information will be given out on this morning. Speech Night On Tuesday 12th November, all students from Years 6 to 12 and their families are invited to attend Speech Night on campus at the Raelene Boyle Hall. Families are asked to arrive by 6.45pm so that the function can commence at 7.00pm. It is expected that all students from Year 6 will attend this event, which is a special celebration of the achievements of our students and our School during 2019. Students from younger year levels are welcome, but will need to sit with their parents on the night. All students are required to wear their school uniform, without a hat. As this is a very formal occasion I would ask parents to ensure that their children have polished shoes and that school hair regulations are adhered to. For some students, this will necessitate haircuts before the event. Girls are also reminded that they need to ensure that scrunchies or appropriate ribbons are in their hair when it is tied back. The support of parents in ensuring that students meet these expectations is greatly appreciated. You Can Do It! Program Our focus for the next two weeks of this term is on the ‘I Give Everyone a Fair Go’ Character Kid. Students will be involved in discussions about what strategies and behaviours help us give everyone a fair go. They will be reminded that giving everyone a fair go is achieved by behaviours such as: Making sure everyone has a turn Playing by the rules of the game Sharing with everyone It would be appreciated if you could support this program at home as it helps reinforce the importance of these social behaviours that are central to all young people acquiring the social and emotional capabilities they need to be successful in school, experience well-being and have positive relationships. Class News from PrepAB This term during our buddy sessions, we have been working on a STEM challenge where the students had to create an obstacle course using the equipment from Prep and they had to use the entire space in the Prep yard. After lots of drawing and planning, a winning obstacle course design was chosen. The following week the winning buddy team had the chance to create and run their obstacle course for the rest of the Prep and Year 4 class. All of the students had lots of fun and it was wonderful to see them all working together to create the winning obstacle course and then to enjoy going through the course together.

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