As we near the end of our second week of online learning, I would like to again thank all the students, staff and parents for their diligence in making the transition to this new teaching platform so smooth. I would also like to thank all the families that have provided us with feedback either via email or through the survey. Our Communications Manager, Anna Maxwell, has collated the feedback and it has been shared with the staff. The teachers are continually making adjustments to their programs to ensure that the students are receiving the best possible learning experiences. Please continue to contact me if you require assistance or are experiencing any issues. I have also included a special report below regarding Student Wellbeing that is currently available on our SchoolTV and may be of assistance for you. SPECIAL REPORT: Wellbeing – Checklist for Primary Whilst most children are resilient and seem to be demonstrating a remarkable capacity to manage during this challenging time, others are not faring as well. Some are experiencing a variety of emotions ranging from fear to anxiety, all of which are considered normal or natural responses to this current situation.  However, despite this, it is still important for adult carers to remain vigilant for any signs of unusual distress or behaviour, even though your child may not have any prior history of a mental health disorder. It was estimated that one in seven Australasian children experienced a mental health issue before the Coronavirus pandemic, therefore early intervention, diagnosis and treatment is even more important now. In the current climate, one useful thing you can do is help your child focus on the things that they can control –– such as their learning, diet, exercise and sleep. In this Special Report, adult carers will be provided with a checklist that can be used as a guide in determining if there is any cause for concern. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.  If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help. Here is the link to your special report. Class News from City Stars Kindergarten The City Stars are developing important communication and social skills through our online learning platform, Microsoft Teams. Our main aim is to encourage ‘connection’ rather than just to deliver content. We meet each day for a story and explore different literacy and numeracy concepts in fun interactive ways.  Our Show and Tell experiences have been taken to the next level and we are creating fantastic home-school connections, for example, Callan performed cool tricks on his swing, Kreed made date loaf for his Poppa and Lawson performed Show and Tell with his dog Rufus!                                          The City Stars have also made time for play, the outdoors, projects, the arts and have also enjoyed following their own interests such as bike riding, dressing up and building with Lego. At City Stars we have a strong network of supportive and encouraging parents and we look forward to creating more fun shared times together.

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