A reminder that students from Prep to Year 2 will commence their Beach Awareness Program this Friday. They will be participating in a four-week Surf Awareness and Beach Activities program facilitated by specially trained members of the Surf Lifesaving Association of Australia. The program will take place each Friday morning, commencing on the 28 February and concluding on the 20 March. The students will travel to and from Kings Beach by bus. Students must ensure they come to school with the following items: School swimmers School rash shirt (students will not be permitted to participate in activities if they do not have a rash shirt) School hat Towel Thongs Water bottle Sunscreen Junior School Assembly The next Junior School Assembly will be held in the Raelene Boyle Hall on Wednesday 4 March at 8.30am. Students from Year 4 will be making a presentation and Merit Certificates will be awarded to selected students from each class. All parents, grandparents and friends are encouraged to join the students from the Junior School at this assembly. Healthy Child Check Reminder that the Audiologist, Speech Pathologist, Optometrist and Occupational Therapist will be here from Monday 2 March to Friday 6 March to conduct the Developmental Screenings. As part of our School’s assessment program all Prep students participate in the screenings. The screenings are also available to all other students at the school. If you are interested in your child participating there is further information on the Parent Portal. You Can Do It Program Our focus for the next two weeks is on the social and emotional capability of ‘Confidence’. Students will be involved in discussions about what strategies and behaviours help us to be confident. They will be reminded that ‘Confidence’ is: Looking at people’s faces when they are speaking Greeting people Trying something new and tricky Sharing ideas in class Asking questions in class Speaking with a clear voice Trying to solve problems on their own Confident thinking is: Accepting themselves Taking risks Being independent I can do it! It would be appreciated if you could support this program at home as it helps reinforce the importance of these social behaviours. Class News from 2LS Year 2 have really enjoyed using their new classroom Well Being Journals. These activities have been great to complete at the start of the school year as it has allowed us to get to know each other and to build positive relationships. Our Buddy class this year is Year 5 and we have also completed similar well-being activities with our Buddy class each Wednesday afternoon. Here are some of the activities we have enjoyed: Charlize – I really liked the personality activity and explaining all about me to our class. Yindi – I liked the identity activity and thinking about words that describe me and what makes me unique. Hudson – I liked creating a ‘selfie’ to describe what I am like. Sophie – I enjoyed doing the mindfulness colouring page. Evangelina – I loved it when we spoke about things that we are good at. We got to think about and write down a list of things that we can do very well and how we have improved over time. Isabella – Last week we completed a self reflection activity. We had to think about what went well last week and what we do not like about our week and write them down. Bailey – With my Buddy I liked doing a vision activity. We drew something that we could already do and then something we would like to be able to do in the future. Henry – I liked doing the mindfulness word search with my buddy Oliver.

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