From the Principal

Summer is Coming The final term of the year is eight weeks in length for the School. Year 12 has six weeks before our students graduate with a beautiful final day’s School Assembly on Friday 15 November. It will be a happy occasion and our Graduands routinely head to the beach to celebrate in that unique environment all of the freedom that Australians and Queenslanders enjoy with our space, our sun, our island isolation and our clean environment. The joy that comes with being together in this place should not be underestimated. Western democracy and millions of individual people have fought hard to win relative peace and security in our land of opportunity for all. Term 4 is a time to celebrate with our Year 12s, and also our Year 6 students who pass from Junior to Senior School in their journey of living and learning. I am grateful for all of the parent, Teacher and community goodwill that is evident for our small school. Term 4 is also a very busy time for our Teachers, preparing students for ceremonies and performances. Teachers also have all of the compilation of the assessment and reporting to complete for their students. Senior School Teachers are working with two sets of syllabuses and assessments for Years 11 and 12, and the new ATAR system brings great complexities with new software and processes. It is a stressful and not so easy task for Senior School Teachers. I hope the first week of this final term is a very happy one for all, as we look forward to joy in the coming summer. Dr Dirk Wellham – Principal

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