If you have a child who began their school journey this year, they will graduate Secondary school in 2030. They will enter a work force of occupations and opportunities that don’t yet exist. The education they receive over the next thirteen years will need to be innovative and creative, to equip them with the skills to thrive in and shape, that unknown future world. With the above information as a driving force of our curriculum design, Caloundra City Private School provides a curriculum that is deliberate, comprehensive and systematic in supporting and developing young people.  Our curriculum is three –dimensional in structure which means it must be an evolving product. If we accept, as research suggests, that students need to be creative, critical thinkers and responsible citizens who can manage rapidly changing technology and social change, then our curriculum design must reflect this and should be continuously updated.  In 2018 we introduced Philosophical Inquiry, Digital Technology, Media Arts and Enterprise, Tourism and Hospitality. Part of this three –dimensional structure is an understanding that educators and governments are emphasising 21st century skills as essential to curriculum design.  In 2008, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACCARA) commenced development of the national curriculum. ACCARA was developed also with a three dimensional approach to learning. It integrates eight learning area, seven general capabilities and three cross curricular priorities. General capacities equip students to engage in global, national and local issues such as the topics covered in Philosophical Inquiry. Cross curriculum priorities give focus to areas critical to Australia’s future.  Learning areas focus on the inclusion of core areas such as English, Science and the Arts and we thank Mrs Muir and Mrs Hiley for their work in the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). CCPS’s curriculum is well considered, structured and agile. We are small enough that teachers can adapt its content to the need of our community. Our curriculum ensures students can understand, adapt and take action within the ever changing reality of their lives. Mrs Amanda Stuart, Head of Senior School Download the -CCPS curriculum for the future. PDF

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