A brand new school perhaps, or the same one that’s acquired new students and a big building – this view of course depends on whether you’re a beginning family to CCPS, or continuing on the learning journey with your children here. Independent Schools Queensland’s Media Release last week dealt with school fees and how Independent Schools in Queensland have a moderate annual fee averaging $8,000, plus uniforms and incidentals. This was in contrast to media reported amounts of more than half a million dollars for a child’s schooling life. At CCPS we’d like to think that our “moderate” fees are set to assist our families to provide a caring education for life that will see your sons or daughters graduate as citizens of character, principles, and consideration for those around them. In short, we are very proud of our graduates at the end of their Year 12 journey, for the respectful and purposeful members of society which they will undoubtedly improve throughout their lives. This is the very best aspect of teaching at CCPS – the pride we have in the children as they learn, progress, and contribute as high quality people. If that’s what you are hoping for your child, then you’ve come to the right place. We greatly look forward to helping you and your family members in the 2018 School year.

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