Students in Years 3 to 12 and Staff have been surveyed for their opinions about the menu offered by our Tuckshop. The results are informative and helpful. Eighty percent of students responded to an online survey. Highlights included 30% buy something weekly and 40% occasionally. 81% thought the menu was “okay”, or were “happy” with it; and 13% combined were either unhappy or extremely unhappy. ‘Meal’ deals were popular and almost 80% would buy or may buy raisin toast or banana bread with hot chocolate; freshly squeezed juice; popcorn; pizza or Turkish bread; 65% would or may buy Bolognese pasta; lean beef burger; fried rice; homemade soup and garlic bread roll; and 75% would or may buy stir fry chicken with noodles. 70% would or may buy breakfast from 8.00am if this was available. Senior boys particularly were seeking toasted sandwiches, or a meat pie with milk. Gluten free was also popular with respondents. It is helpful to know what our people are wanting.

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