The School has held its first big event for the year, the Senior Swimming Carnival. On a warm, sunny day with perfect swimming weather, the students had a great day. We have some outstanding, nationally and state ranked ranked swimmers, led by Tyra Stowers (Yr 12); and it was a pleasure to watch people like Briana Keegan and Cade Stowers (Yr 8), and Aiden Walsh (Yr 12), amongst many others, powering through the water. The Senior Leaders arranged Hawaiian House coloured shirts, and they did a great job arranging their Houses and setting up for the day with Mrs Baker. Mrs Baker’s organisation, and the rapid points scoring allowed Age Champions to be proudly presented with their medals poolside, and Henzell was awarded by a very clear margin the House Swimming Cup. It was a great day for everyone, including all of the children being able to swim together a couple of times in ‘Splash and Dash’, etc. which I’m sure is a great relief from the tedium of watching others swim events in a pool nearby whilst you sit tortured in the heat. It was a joy to see the students having fun together, amongst the serious swimming events. I thank Mrs Baker for her outstanding work; our highly skilled Teachers; the many parents who assisted, or were spectators; and our students who organised, and competed with enthusiasm.

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