Independent Schools in Australia have much for which they should be grateful. Learning gratefulness is part of understanding about life beyond our own self-absorbed obsessiveness, so that we can appreciate the qualities of people around us. This concept of understanding the emotions of others, has proven to be an intelligence that is the domain of most high achievers in academic attainment. In the CCPS Personal Development course, I was interviewed by some of our Year 11 students when they asked me what I was grateful for. The question made me stop and think for a moment (should we be able to do this instantaneously, without thinking?), and then I was able to rattle off my thoughts. Much of that at CCPS is to do with the qualities of the people I work with, the staff and our students. We are very lucky to spend our time here with people who care, and who matter. ‘Every student matters’ is not an advertising slogan, but rather it is a high standard of care and commitment for the children at CCPS.

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