As announced by the Queensland Government on Friday, 15 May, students in Years 2 – 10 will return to school on Monday 25 May.   We hope that your sons and daughters are as excited as we are to have all of our students return to school on Monday.  I’m sure that many students will be surprisingly happy to be putting on their school uniforms on Monday morning.    The staged return to school over several weeks has provided critical time for schools to develop and implement arrangements to ensure the return to school can be made safely for both students and teachers.    We will continue to follow the advice of the AHPPC: practising good hand washing and cough-sneeze etiquette, regular cleaning of used surfaces and ceasing use of “high-touch” equipment, reducing the use of common areas, having windows of classrooms open and where possible, conducting lessons in outdoor environments with enhanced ventilation and conducting physical education outdoors, or in large covered areas as much as possible. You can read the full newsletter here.

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