This week, the class learnt about Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Will’s expedition of out of Melbourne with the ambition of being the first persons to cross the continent from south to north. In groups, the students used Edward De Bono’s ‘thinking hats’ to assist their higher order thinking skills, reflecting on their thinking and realising that different thinking skills were required in different learning situations.  To conclude this activity, group members contributed to a discussion by sharing their ‘way of thinking.’ Our discussion covered the  mistakes which Burke and Wills made in their expedition, facts, the initial plan, the explorers feeling, supplies, positive outcomes of their mission and more! The Six Thinking Hats at a glance: White hat thinking identifies the facts and details of a topic Black hat thinking examines the problems associated with a topic Yellow hat thinking focuses on the positive aspects of a topic Red hat thinking looks at a topic from the point of view of emotions and feelings Green hat thinking requires creativeness, imagination and lateral thinking about a topic Blue hat thinking focuses on reflection, metacognition (thinking about the thinking that is required), and the need to understand the big picture

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