Senior We are approaching that time of the term when academic focus is paramount.  Students are fast approaching that busy time of term.  Assignments, in class tests, orals, and exams will be occupying students’ time for the next five weeks.  It is important that teachers, parents and students work together to ensure that absolute success is available to all. A balance during this very busy time of term is imperative to success.  Students need to remember they can’t study 24 hours a day and that a balanced life of study, eating well, exercise and some fun is essential to optimum functioning.  That being said, they can’t expect academic success without hard work and working their brain hard! Below are some of the general points about obtaining a balance: Your son/daughter spends 15% of his/her time at school, 33% sleeping and 52% at home Learning is long term memory and so involves the physical creation of new neural pathways. Students should maximise their brain’s understanding and retention by studying in chunks of 25 to 45 minutes and taking a break before studying anything new.  Resting the mind during a break is also important.  Finally, repetition helps all of us remember.  It takes 24 repetitions to gain 80% competence (Fuller, 2008.) Parents, your sons and daughters need your help to achieve this study success and balance.  Some students have too much ‘fun’ time and other students have too much ‘study’ time.  Other tips for your son/daughter to consider: What is your best study environment Have a place just for study Make it pleasant Avoid distractions Make it convenient Do not disturb – tell your family you are studying, don’t take calls, text messages or email Study when you’re at your best – are you a morning or night person? Prepare your study material Study with someone else – sometimes Reward yourself Getting the most out of study: Plan Your Time – It is a waste of precious time not to have a revision plan – draw up a study timetable.  It is a waste of precious time not to have an exam plan – plan your time in the exam Food for Thought – Need extra help in boosting your brain’s power?  Eat more garlic – it improves blood flow through small blood vessels in the brain Breath of Life – Remember to breathe – when we feel anxious we forget to breathe properly.  Breathe slowly and deeply three times – you will feel better Stressed Out – Eat some ginger – it eases mental confusion and relieves fatigue The Right Foods – Eat more foods with B vitamins – cheese, beef, milk, cereals.  These help improve your memory, concentration and energy levels After a day of study or exams – do something for you.  Go for a run, hang out with friends, have a spa.

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