Position Overview: 

The Curriculum and E-Learning Coordinator plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Australian curriculum is effectively implemented and integrated within the educational pedagogy of Caloundra City Private School. The incumbent will collaborate closely with teachers to facilitate their understanding of the curriculum requirements, design comprehensive curriculum plans, and leverage educational technology to enhance teaching, assessment, and feedback practices. Work under the direction of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the school. This role will have a small teaching component which will be discussed with the successful applicant.  

Key Responsibilities: 

Facilitate Understanding of Australian Curriculum

Assist teachers in comprehending the intricacies and requirements of the Australian curriculum for their respective year levels or subject areas. 

Provide ongoing support and guidance to educators in aligning their instructional practices with the prescribed curriculum standards. 

Design Curriculum Overviews

Working collaboratively with teachers to develop and maintain curriculum and assessment plans, and unit plans to ensure that all essential curriculum components are covered and work with SLT that alignment exist between levels within the learning areas. 

Collaborate with teachers to create detailed plans that outline the sequencing of content and learning objectives across various timeframes. 

Work with teachers to oversee the implementation of curriculum within the CCPS pedagogy lens. 

Ensure Curriculum Compliance: 

Evaluate curriculum plans and assessment pieces to ensure that the full spectrum of the curriculum is being taught in the specific year level and subject area, assessed, and reported on. 

Identify any gaps or discrepancies in curriculum coverage and work collaboratively with senior leadership and teachers to address them effectively. 

Strategically use Educational Technology: 

Demonstrate a passion for integrating educational technology into lesson delivery, assessment, and feedback processes. 

Explore innovative digital tools and platforms to engage students, streamline assessment practices, and provide timely feedback on their work. 

Facilitate digital communication channels to engage parents in their child’s learning journey, providing regular updates and feedback on student progress digitally. 

About you  

Lead by example with unit plan, lesson plan, and curriculum compliance  

Exemplary Classroom practitioner 

Excellent understanding of ACARA within a QLD independent school context. 

Experienced in curriculum and programming in a primary/ middle school setting – desirable  

Ability to be flexible, innovative and has the desire to work with the senior leadership team of the school that sits across P-12 school setting 

Experience in teaching, course design and supporting teachers in creating learning programs on a Learning management Software – CANVAS experience desirable  

Excellent written and communication skills. 

Genuine and demonstrable commitment to educational excellence and an empathy with the ethos and ideals of Caloundra City Private School. 

Confident, flexible approach with the ability to respond professionally and resourcefully to the unexpected.  

Further education in educational leadership – Desirable  

QCT registration  

Applications should include 

a letter of introduction 

a current resume; 

three (3) referees of which one should be your current direct line manager 

briefly list your experience relating to the key focus responsibilities 

Applications will be accepted until Friday 17th May, if a suitable candidate is found before then the position will be closed.

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